<b>Alexander Fielding</b>
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Alec Fielding

11 S Termino Ave Apt 216
(209) - 251 - 9540

Hi! I'm Alec Fielding, I'm studying Computer Science at California State University Long Beach so that one day I can become a software engineer!
Currently, my most commonly used high level languages are Java, C++, and Python. I am also familiar with the React and Django Frameworks and I am starting to learn React Native. My goal is to become a full-stack software engineer by the time I earn my degree and hopefully concentrate on gaining experience with machine learning and A.I. I've learned alot in my study and I've spent plenty of time learning through tutorials and online resources such as Code Academy, Udacity, and Lynda.com. Aside from school and pursuing my career, I love camping, cooking, traveling, and spending time with my friends and my dog Dean. I am always adding more projects to my personal queue wether that project be about coding, wood working, or cars, I'll add some images to the gallery... once the gallery is built anyways.. I'm pretty picky about my website, and I tend to be preoccupied by other projects.

Work Experience

Oracle SQL Programmer

Institute Research and Assessment - California State University, Long Beach

Project in collaboration with the Bridging the Gap and Long Beach promise program between California State University Long Beach, Long Beach City College, and the Long Beach Unified School District. Responsible for flat file insertion into shared Oracle database and developing an automatted program for inserting said flat files. Responsible for maintaining data security with encryption of sensitive information.

November 2018 - Current

Database Design - Internship

Office of City Administrator - City of Los Angeles

Work within the city government in the office of the CAO of the city of Los Angeles. Responsible for the database design and implementation for monitoring information regarding funding received through Disaster Grants to assist the city after disaster events.

May 2018 - November 2018

Software Engineering Internship


Work with a startup company building a web and mobile application for job tracking and monitoring for business clients. Assisted with development among employees, requirements analysis, use cases, metric analysis, bug documentation and diagnostics, business to technical communication between CEO/CFO and development team.

Septemer 2016 - September 2017

Receiving Lead

Bed Bath and Beyond

Receiving Lead in charge of shipping manifest and inventory management. Additionally assisted on sales floor on as needed basis in the form of customer service, product knowledge expert, online ordering, and for various store projects.

August 2014 - September 2016


California State University Long Beach

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science

Expected Graduation: May 2019

August 2017 - Present

Lodi High School

High School Diplomna
Graduated May 2013


Machine Learning

August 2018 - Present
Autonomous Sprinkler Drone

Senior project involving the implementation of machine learning to create an autonomous drone capable of replacing underground sprinkler systems. The drone is taught to recognize grass using a large data set of pictures and an attached camera to know where to water and how much water to distribute. My team and I plan to also utilize a weather API to provide data for the drone so it can determine what days to water more or less.

Web Development

January 2018 - May 2018
Beach Votes

Web application that serves as a social media site for public anonymous voting to receive feedback from peers. Implemented with the Django python framework in addition to Ajax and CSS. Designed and implemented with a group of 5 people.

Personal Website

You're looking at it! Built with JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, and HTML. I'll be constantly updating with new features and information so keep checking back and follow my work!


January 2017 - January 2018
Astronomy Research at Cuesta College
Exploring the Binary Nature of STF 2128 Using Separation and Position Angle Measurements

Research I worked on as an author during my time at Cuesta college in San Luis Obispo CA under Dr. Genet. I worked directly with the data analysis invloved in the classification of our assigned star as a binary system. The research lasted the spring semester of 2017 and was published in January 2018 by the Journal of Double Star Observations


Programming Languages & Tools

Interests and Volunteering

Relay for life

June 2016 - July 2017

Team Member of Cancer awareness/fundraiser event in Atascadero, CA. Reached personal goal of 1000$ donanted for Breast Cancer Research and a Team Collective of over 10,000$.

Northern California Demolay

June 2012 - July 2015

Member of local Demolay chapter in Lodi, CA and held the postions of Junior and Senior counselor. organized and directed fundraisers, established networking meetups,
and various other chapter events. Raised upwards of $4000 fro the chapter, met bi-weekly with the entirety of the chapter to decided on future and current ventures
as well as Demolay obligations.

Awards & Achievements